4 Tips for First Time Lingerie Buyers

If you are yet to buy your first set of lingerie, you might want to have some basic knowledge to make your first purchase count and, most importantly, avoid buyer's remorse. It might seem as simple as visiting a lingerie store and picking the pair that appeals to your senses, but the process demands a little more know-how than you may think. Here are 4 tips rolled out for women/girls who are going to make this purchase for the first time.

1. Pick Your Lingerie Wisely

As exciting as it may get, buying lingerie for the first time has its downsides as well. Surprisingly, buying lingerie could be a big rip-off, if you are not aware of genuine market prices. While there are numerous brands and lingerie stores in Australia that sell online, it is very important to choose a trusted source for your purchase, because not all stores offer quality products and nor are they fairly honest with their price tag. Visit multiple stores to compare prices. You might get the same product at a different store, for a lower price.

2. “What to Pick?” is the biggest question of all times

First timers often have tough time picking the right product. When it comes to buying lingerie, it is advised to look into your requirements, such as your body type, size and style preference. Always remember that whether you wear regular size or plus size lingerie, there are going to be a lot of options to take your pick from; so, do not settle for anything you find during the first run.

However, an all-lace bra with scalloped edge should fit the bill as your first purchase, since it's available in all sizes and colours.

3. Lingerie is not just meant for intimate moments

There's no denying that lingerie can really spice things up in bed, but that's not the only reason to buy it. Wear it to feel comfortable and confident. “Lingerie is the first thing you put on and the last thing you take off, every single day.” It is therefore important to make it worthwhile. When you start wearing lingerie, you should learn to make it part of your everyday wardrobe.

4. Take proper care of your lingerie

Lingerie isn't your regular undergarment. It requires special care and attention. Lingerie is a delicate garment that should be hand-washed and dried off in shade. It is advised against putting your lingerie in the machine or drier, since there are chances your lingerie will not come out as it was when it went inside. Also, storage is another thing that should be taken into account. Keep your lingerie in an organized manner. Fold them properly and keep them separately in the closet so that the cups are not crushed underneath your pile of clothes.


If you are buying lingerie for the first time and doesn't want your purchase to be stressful or 'gone wrong', it is suggested to choose the right kind of supplier to avoid inconvenience. For that matter, Nitelife Intimates is the name you can certainly count on.

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