5 easy tips to buy lingerie for your girlfriend

Date Posted:21 April 2017 

Sure, taking the first few steps into that lingerie shop may be super unnerving, but you might just want to cool down for a second. Before you roll your eyes, let me assure you - if you keep a calm, cool and collective head about it on the whole, the entire process is really not that difficult or as much of a sticky situation as you may or may not make it out to be. Trust us on this. And with those comforting words, here are a couple of much-needed tips :-

  • The art of confidence: This is key. Whether it’s regarding you paying a visit to plus size lingerie shops in Australia or lingerie shops in Brisbane, the fact of the matter simply is that you need to be confident overall. Doesn’t matter how long you guys have been going out, but the main thing is that you need to make her feel sexy.
  • Knowing her inside out: Well this one pretty much goes without saying actually. You will need to establish how she feels in the lingerie that she already owns. Shy or outgoing? That’s for you to find out ultimately. Sure you might find it looks sexy on her, but that doesn’t automatically mean that she thinks the same. Just remember that everyone has different tastes and ultimately it is all about how comfortable she feels.
  • Do your homework: Again, this is a fairly obvious point. Whether it even involves going through her wardrobe thoroughly and noting down certain key aspects or simply taking a picture of the label at hand. When determining her style however, there are 3 things to keep in mind - bras, panties and fabric. You can even go in for a myriad of colour options as well. If she seems fairly open to experimentation, then you should definitely go for it.
  • The eventual purchase: Now this is one of the final steps. Again, a great deal of homework will be required on your part, not to mention the basic fact that you will need to check and ensure that the final lingerie you buy also come with a matching set of knickers and bras.
  • Better to save the receipt just in case you need to make an exchange later on plus you can even take it a few steps further by purchasing more accessories. Just make sure that the accessories are the ones she likes as well.
  • The final touch of presenting the gift: Now before you rush off presenting the gift to her, how about choosing a certain type of gift wrapping that you’re positive only she will like? Surely that is bound to stand out and actually make her remember the moment.

Whatever the occasion might be, be it a birthday or a anniversary of some kind, the important thing to remember is to not think of it as an unnecessary headache to deal with. By doing that, you’ll probably rush through the whole thing without even giving it any thought whatsoever. Just take your time with it and it’ll all work out in the end.

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