The Art of Seduction: Does Intimate Wear Help?

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, but when it comes to making your move in bed, you simply cannot leave everything to your partner’s vivid imagination; you have to look presentable if you really want him to go gaga over you.

We’ll provide some tips, too, in the later part of this blog but first thing first: How does intimate wear facilitate art of seduction?

Intimate wear comes in a variety of designs and fabrics. While each type reveals certain part of the body and brings out a different trait of your personality, it’s a bit tricky to choose the one that will work best for you, especially when your man is already familiar with different kinds of lingerie wear and there’s hardly anything left to surprise him.

The struggle is real for full-figured women as they keep stressing about the size and fit of the regular XL or XXL intimate wear and end up derailing the art of seduction. Thanks to plus size clothing stores that offer plus size stockings, plus size lingerie, etc. to make women feel confident and comfortable in their own skin.

Whether you choose a regular or plus size lingerie in Australia, the quality of the fabric really matters, since you will not want to complain about comfort while in bed and nor do you want those awkward freeze frames from the intimate session haunt your relationship long after the night is over.

It goes without saying you should always pick the intimate wear that’s gorgeous and skin-friendly and also the one that embraces your curves without making you feel uncomfortable. For that matter, Nitelife Intimates has the quality plus size intimate wear that you need to spice things up in bed.

The quality and design of intimate wear plays a vital role in the art of seduction, buy hey, there are certain things you can do on your own to create some wonderful memories with your partner.

Choose the right kind of fragrance

The fragrance that you wear can be a major turn on or turn off for your partner, so in order to be on the safe side, choose something that is subtle and has mild notes with floral accents. Too strong or too mild fragrance works the opposite or simply doesn’t work at all.


A well-lit room often leads to happy endings. By well-lit room, it means the settings shouldn’t be too bright or too dim. Use table lamps instead of regular light sources to make the setting more romantic and intimate.

Music binds the interest

Soft, romantic music in the background never fails to add to the mood. Create a playlist of your favourite songs –add as many songs in the list as long you want the session to last.


Intimate wear doesn’t necessary be something you should keep for private moments. Stylish intimate wear has also been a part of boudoir photo shoots since ages. If you want your boudoir photographs to be stunning and sensual, keep in mind to pick the best lingerie for the purpose.

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